Religious Spam Round-Up 7: There’s No Book Like it!

Every day social media users, especially those identifying as agnostics, atheists and skeptics, are subjected to a barrage of religious spam from true believers. This tends to be repeated, day in, day out, several times a day with no attempt to engage or discuss the matter. It’s spam, plain and simple. Some groups even seem to use small botnets, multiple accounts or proxies to spam hundreds of identical or similar messages all in one go.

Let’s look at some, all from one afternoon and evening on Twitter and only a small sample…

Magic Book

Typically Muslims, but sometimes other faiths, try to claim that there is no other book like theirs. That it is magical, irreplaceable, that it cannot be imitated.

Obviously this is somewhat subjective. What one person sees as brilliant another may see as terrible. However, there are certainly a large number of books and writings of this ilk, so nobody’s religious tome is unique or special. That’s without even taking into account fiction books that exceed the brilliance of often rather stodgey, boring and self-contradicting religious texts.

There’s only one real answer to this claim.


Cool Story Bro

I’ve lived the majority of my life neck deep in stories, fiction, ‘made up shit’. Roleplaying games, computer games, science fiction and fantasy. Because of this some people seem to wonder why I don’t buy in to mythology and superstition. Their argument seems to be that because I think stories about magic, UFOs, Moon Nazis, telepathy and so on are cool and great that somehow this translates to me believing in them in reality.

I just don’t follow this line of thinking.

I can appreciate religious myths on that storytelling and metaphorical level, even if I think they’re metaphors for shitty things or that they’re so wide of the mark they couldn’t see the mark in the Hubble Deep Field.

Indeed, I credit my honed fictonaut states with my keenly callibrated bullshitometer. If you’re immersed in fiction you can tell more easily, I think, when you’re being fed a line. You can recognise more easily the line between fantasy and reality and differentiate the one from the other.

Just because some of these people can’t tell a story from what’s real I don’t see why they should extend that to me. Weirdos.