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  1. Demons are not real … demons are not real … demons are not . . .

    Our Marxist-Leninist parents explained that we were too darn young to join Che in Bolivia.

    So they moved us to Canada. In 1978 we moved back to South America where my brother had married the President’s daughter and Papa joined the elite class of politicians.

    One day. . .

    I was invited to a country village Voodoo tent “ceremony” by cousins bent on investigating this nonsense.

    We were actually warned not to eat beef or drink alcohol two days before the “ceremony.” Being a hardcore atheist, I intentionally disobeyed.

    Next day, we trotted down to the fairgrounds.

    As we approach the tent amongst thousands, a little man dancing in a freaky possessed trace in the midst of the tent-ceremony, turned and made his way through thousands to me. Not my cousins. Me, alone.

    With a cold, blank look he began wagging his fingers uncontrollably while hastening me to leave.

    I was totally embarrassed and horrified.

    Strangely, I felt a tinge of rejection as well. After the initial shock wore off, I brushed it off as a weird coincidence and left the little village. And eventually left for Canada.

    Ahhh, superstitious peasants.They were all country bumpkins anyways.

    Until 1990 …

    Part 2 con’t . . .

  2. Then my wife received a call.

    Her hippie brother and German wife “living off the land” in Vancouver was on the phone.

    My German sister-in-law explained: something was terribly wrong with her husband.

    He was complaining that something inside of him wants him to kill himself, drink alcohol, and smoke. And go to a Voodoo church. He was becoming increasingly ill.

    Could someone please help him, she begged. “I don’t know what to do. And I’m really scared.”

    The family decided to bring him to Toronto. I chimed in: he needs a psychiatrist.

    Then . . . all Hell broke loose.

    And continued for three years.

    Con’t . . .

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