Back on the Rails

train_derailI’m in a lot of arguments lately, but they’re mostly around the same sorts of issues. The clashes between ‘political correctness’ and various freedoms of expression, information and so on. I’ve also become increasingly concerned with men’s issues and the dangers inherent in various forms of feminist ideology. This has not changed my commitment to egalitarianism or humanism, but rather stems from it – combined with my skepticism.

When I find something iffy or questionable, I want to understand why people believe it or whether the information is correct. I want to examine it objectively and with distance. If that comes across as unsympathetic then I’m sorry, but I can both empathise with and understand someone’s feelings while also putting them into context.

I believe that it is wrong-headed for activism to rely on bad information or to be pursued on a dogmatic basis. If progress is to truly be made in any sphere it must start with good information. If you lie or exaggerate in order to push a particular agenda – even if that agenda is valid – being exposed undermines that agenda and calls even the good information into question. There can be other unforeseen effects as well.

What it boils down to is that I’m not an idiot. I don’t ‘do’ faith. My mind is always open to being convinced and persuaded but it’s always going to take evidence. The decisions and positions I have come to, I have come to as a result of investigation and evidence. Very few people are willing to even discuss and, instead, resort to bullying, abuse and mudslinging – which is unlikely to change my mind.

Trust me to examine the evidence and to pursue truth, justice and fairness as I always have.

I’m trying to navigate a path here of truth and equality between two very rabid extremes and it is not easy.


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