Muslims up in Arms, Again, Again

This is CL, some sort of K-Pop rap star. Can’t say I much care for it, or that it matters. One of her songs (this one if I’ve got it right) contains a snatch or two of the Koran being recited in the background. Those of you with long memories may remember that Little Big Planet was delayed for much the same reason.

In the wake of successfully bullying Katie Perry into silence and harassing Majid Nawaz, Muslims seem to feel they can now silence absolutely anyone by making threats and kicking up enough of a stink. This time on the #CLIsUsingQuraanInHerSong hashtag on Twitter.

Yes, there are 1.6 billion Muslims, but the entire human population of the Earth – including Muslims – benefit from the right of free expression. It’s a right that allows them to practice and promote their religion. So why would they be against it?

I’m going to go 180 degrees from my normal practice and offer some genuine, sincere and heartfelt advice to Muslims.

If you want your religion to be respected then this is exactly the opposite of what you need to be doing.

If you want your religion to be respected you need to TOLERATE and ACCEPT the beliefs of others. You need to understand that just as with Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ or ‘Life of Brian’ or any number of films and songs that play fast and loose with other religions that this is going to happen.

Every time you start kicking and screaming over what, to the entire rest of the world seems like nothing at all (a brief glimpse of a medallion, a cartoon, a book) you are not gaining respect. You are losing it. You look like primitive morons who are completely unable to understand that anyone else might have a different belief than you.

If you want respect you need to work against this rabid image. If you want respect you need to extend respect to other cultures and beliefs. You need to stop censoring others, intimidating others and looking like berserkers.

This is, absolutely, not the way to go about getting respect.

Free Expression

You guys seem to have immense difficulty with this concept. Free expression means everyone gets to express themselves how they wish. That means people can use the Koran, Bible, Rig Veda or anything else in their artistic works and you’re free to practice your religion and believe what you want. What you don’t get to do is to censor other people. Just because you think your book is the holy word of god doesn’t mean anyone else does and you don’t get to censor people based on being offended.

Personally I find Islam incredibly offensive. Does that mean I should get to censor it and force the Koran to be ‘deleted’ from life? No. Much as I’d love to see Islam die out I believe everyone has the right to free expression. Even Muslims. That’s what respect is, letting people who believe different things express themselves without censorship.

13 responses to “Muslims up in Arms, Again, Again

  1. Let me start of with A LOL!
    Seriously..First of all CL DID A SHITTY THING
    Secondly, I do not as well as millions of muslims care about other people allowing others play with their religion..I am not trying to sound rude but let me put out this clearly.. You are going about respect while we are demanding to be respected. Here is the first Rule SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO USE QUR’AN WHATSOEVER NEITHER DOES SHE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PLAGIARIZE..I do care what people believe in and I do not mind as long as they are not harming or hurting me or one of the most important aspects or people in my life..Islam is clearly important to muslims ..if other people of different religions “dont give a shit” about things like these ..WE cant go around expecting people to be the same…What she did is wrong and no we are not going to give up..YOU GUYS WILL FOREVER KEEP ON MAKING FUN ABOUT OUR RELIGION and we will fight for it ..because you cant simply tell a muslim to let go of his identity.. hmm…What should I should I explain this to you.. Ok..Why dont I go around with a black face or even sometimes wear the KKK outfit..and be like ohh shitttzzzzzyy people stop complaining I think its time you get over this. I bet the world would be on roar.. I do not know if you know but Muslims do not even talk when they are listening to the Qur’an being recited..we respect our holy book to that extent..Music in Islam is prohibited..and the fact that she used it as a background is ridiculously enraging but I dont care whether it was by mistake or not..hell I do not even demand an apology..I just want that bg part deleted..SHE KNOWS NOW.. her fans have been telling her to delete that part but all she does is ignore and the fact that she is twerking in this damn song doesnt help anyone here and you clearly either dont understand the importance of this topic to us or you are just being an insensitive narrow-minded person.

    P.S: A muslim will defend their beliefs and their religions right till the last drop of blood is dry. Sadly all I can do is type this response to you..and maybe reading this and thinking ..”what a dumb bitch” but hell…that’s the only thing I can do and Id do it every day and time till I die.

    Thanks for reading ^^

    • They did something that you THINK is a shitty thing, but these rules only apply to people of your religion. Not anyone else.

      The complaints about plagiarising and using someone else’s work without permission is valid, but the religious complaints have no power – and should not.

      Nobody is harming you, you can very easily ignore and not listen to the song. It cannot harm you and a religion cannot be hurt because it is not a person. What she did is not wrong for everyone, just for Muslims. Everything must be open to being made fun of. Politicians, religions, anything and everything.

      Your insane belief in a nonsensical religion means nothing to anyone else.

      This kind of action does not gain respect for your religion, it makes Muslims the laughing stock of the world.

      The Koran offends me. Do I have the right to delete and censor it? To burn every copy? Would you do that for me just because it disgusts me?

  2. If the subject was racism towards a black man for the Korean government came to apologize, but when it comes to a billion and a half billion Muslims must not take the subject sensation My advice to the Koreans if you want to be like Americans should learn to respect them

    • It’s not racism. A religion is an idea, not a person. More people do not believe in Islam than do. If Islam wants respect, it needs to grow up.

      • I do not understand if I ask you to respect Islam seems not logical to you this why?
        Let me tell you something I love and I’m following all the Idol always but i want to feel like they respect me a little bit
        How do you think my friend.

  3. I think people need to start by educating themselves why muslims are so angry about this. That is the first step before anything. The fact that people think this is okay or not a big deal is really disappointing. This goes for any minority that is being appropriated or objectified in any way or form. I don’t think YG is even going to apologize for this because since when has korea ever apologized sincerely for anything that is similar to this type of scenario? (correct me if i’m wrong). we always get the “sorry you were offended” apology, and honestly, that’s not what i want, that’s not what any of us want. All we want is for people to stop being so ignorant and understand why this is so wrong. that’s it. To take something so meaningful and important to a religion and put it into a song and sell it, if you aren’t muslim, then you honestly cannot understand the degree of how hurt we feel. It’s a shame, because although CL may have not had anything to do with this (although her performance of the song makes me feel uneasy since she does a prayer movement at that exact part), i can no longer listen to any of 2ne1’s songs without feeling uncomfortable. Yes, Islam is a religion based on peace, and that’s what we want, peace. how can we feel at peace when people are using what is so meaningful to us in such a way?

    • People know why you are offended but do not consider it to be a good reason. Acting like this over little things that do not matter is what makes Islam look stupid and childish, is what harms Islam. Not songs (or cartoons, or books).

      Ignore the song, it can’t hurt you.

      Is your god so weak it cannot protect itself? Why would it need you?

      • Imagine if I emerged with the song and I taunted from the Korean flag as well as feel what we’re trying to tell the singer which I love did you do something wrong then God is not a fetish of our Lord is able to scan all of the land and their creation of a new

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