Did You Keep the Receipt?

It is not a weird thing at all – in much of the world – to hear someone say they do not believe in god. In Europe – especially Northern Europe, this is as or more common than believing in god and those who do believe generally have a rather vague notion of some sort of ‘something’ rather than the god described in ridiculous holy books.

It IS a weird thing to believe a nonsensical book, with no evidence, for no reason. That is very weird.

Seen/touched etc is a strawman. What matters is evidence. There are many things we cannot see/hear/smell/taste/touch directly but we can construct experiments and devices that extend our senses or reveal the presence of a force or power through inference. Despite this, there remains no evidence for a god and without evidence for a god it is not rational to believe in one.

There is no reason to believe in a soul just as there is no reason to believe in a god.

‘Look at all this stuff!’ (Stars, Moon, etc). These have naturalistic explanations there is no reason to think they are the work of a deity and no evidence to support the idea that they are. This is a question, not an answer, not evidence.

‘Accident’ is another strawman. Much of the universe (not all) is deterministic, but natural. Drop a rock, it falls to the ground. Gravitation is how planets and stars form. This is not an accident (the unintended result of a volitional action) but of nature.

Vehicles are not natural phenomena, not evolved, do not reproduce themselves. The comparison is idiotic and betrays a lack of scientific knowledge – or a wilful set of lies.

Such an assertion also begs the question, who made god? If the universe requires a creator because of its ‘complexity’ then an even more complex creator must also require an even more complex meta-creator and so… ad infinitum. If you argue god is an exception then not all things need a creator and that can easily be applied to the universe itself, removing the creator again. He falls into this trap by himself a little later on. The point being the argument defeats itself.

We’re already creating and modifying life both robotically/electronically and via biological means. We haven’t had 3.75 billion years to do it, but we’re about at the level of insect intelligence in our efforts. Which ain’t bad considering industrial society only dates back a couple of hundred years at the most.

Quoting the Koran without providing any reason to believe it or take it seriously is pointless.

Science in the Koran? There simply isn’t any. It’s all rather tortuous post-hoc rationalisation of vague poetic passages. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Scientific_Errors_in_the_Qur

We are not ‘given’ life by some supernatural force but rather our parents combine genes and we grow from natural elements. It is not a gift, but a hard-won existence.

It boils down to this.

In this video the personable and earnest young man makes a lot of claims but provides no evidence. If you want to claim anything what you need is evidence. An answer need not be the right answer. ‘6’ is an answer to ‘what is 2+2’ but it is not a right answer and we can show this with beads or any other countable object should we choose to do so.

If you want to say ‘god exists!’ you need evidence. If you want to say ‘god created the universe!’ you need evidence. So it is for all things.


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