No Atheists in Foxholes?

There’s two rather common claims that Christians like to make. For sake of this post I’ll be taking them both at face value:

1. Communism (or what they imagine Communism to be) and atheism are somehow interchangeable.

2. There are ‘no atheists in foxholes.’

This is the Battle of Stalingrad from World War II.



Stalingrad cost the Soviet Union half a million men, killed and missing (presumed dead). The fighting in Stalingrad was some of the most vicious in World War II. It was representative of the clash between two monstrous and insane egos, Hitler’s and Stalin’s, with neither able to admit defeat.

Stalingrad was reduced to rubble until it became little more than one, giant foxhole. The fighting was close-quarters, hand to hand, bayonet to bayonet. Men starved, resorted to eating rats, cats, dogs, insects and some say cannibalism. In many ways this battle was as close to hell on Earth as has ever existed save – perhaps – the trenches of World War I.

The Russian resolve against the Nazis, the Eastern Front, is not taught so much in the revisionist American view of World War II but without the Russians the outcome of the war would have been far from certain.

Either atheism and Communism are not interrelated, or you have a lot of apologising to do.

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