Religious Spam Round-Up 2: DUDE, ISLAM IS RAD!

Blessed-to-be-MuslimsEvery day social media users, especially those identifying as agnostics, atheists and skeptics, are subjected to a barrage of religious spam from true believers. This tends to be repeated, day in, day out, several times a day with no attempt to engage or discuss the matter. It’s spam, plain and simple. Some groups even seem to use small botnets, multiple accounts or proxies to spam hundreds of identical or similar messages all in one go. Let’s look at some, all from one afternoon and evening on Twitter and only a small sample…


Blessed to Be Muslim

Islamic spam, like Eastern European fashion and music, tends to be about twenty to thirty years behind the curve. It’s typically the sort of creationist nonsense that has been amply and roundly refuted since the dawn of modern science. Where Christian creationists have been beaten back to the fringes of their faith however, there’s a passionate ignorance and arrogance to the Islamic spammers and seem to be much more populous and mainstream.

Of particular note are the claims that Islam is unique, scientific and absolutely correct, compatible with a modern outlook.

Obviously this is untrue. There’s nothing unique about Islam, it’s a rehash of Judaism and Christianity, it just hasn’t had the 2+ millenia it seems to take for a religion to mellow, chill out and stop killing people quite so often. Nor, despite protestations, is Islam compatible with the scientific method.

This article is of a type that claims this sort of thing.

The situation which man faces is similar. God has given him freedom of will and action so that he may choose whatever attitude in life he likes and considers proper for himself; Islam or kufr(disbelief).

The implicit assumption is that god is so obvious because of the intricacy and wonder of the universe (argument from ignorance/personal incredulity) that one has to wilfully choose to be ‘disobedient’ in order not to believe. That certainly doesn’t characterise my atheism which is an inescapable conclusion given the examination of the evidence. I don’t ‘choose’ to be an atheist. If I apply logic and reason to the question it is an inescapable conclusion.

One should not believe what one wants, and indeed this makes zero difference to what’s real or not. One should believe what the evidence shows. You may still be wrong, but at least your position is rational, able to change with new evidence and the odds of being wrong are vastly reduced.

Such an attitude of revolt and defiance can never be entertained by a Muslim scientist -only akafir (disbeliever) scientist can fall prey to such illusions and, by submitting to them, expose the entire human race to the danger of total destruction and annihilation.

How powerful the instilled, irrational fear of a god is. Deiphobia perhaps? If nothing else, allowing god belief to colour ones assumptions a priori is going to be bad science. Science strives for objectivity at the personal level and through processes to eliminate bias (peer review and repeat experimentation). Starting with your conclusion (god did it) invites bias and twists perception of results. One need only look at the insane pseudo-sciences of creationism, homeopathy and energy healing to see how pre-existing bias twists interpretation of results and seemingly allows the true believer to selectively ignore results that debunk their beliefs.

Instead of arrogance there will be humility. Instead of power drunkenness there will be a strong realization of the need to serve humanity. His freedom will not be unbridled. He will be guided by the tenets of morality and divine revelation.

I have never understood this theistic attitude that a scientific and rationalist outlook is arrogant. Is it not more arrogant to believe that we are supremely important playing pieces in some vast god game? That this whole wide, vast, incredible universe was built just for our sake and that an omniscient and omnipotent being takes special interest in what kind of sex we have and with whom? Compared to that the atheistic outlook is humble indeed. We are specks in a vast cosmos, infinitesimal fragments of self-aware matter in a vast universe to the operations of which we are virtually irrelevant.

Similarly, in history, economics, politics, law and other branches of arts and science, a Muslim will nowhere lag behind a Kafir in the fields of inquiry and struggle, but their angles of view and consequently their modus operandi will be widely different. A Muslim will study every branch ofknowledge in its true perspective. He will strive to arrive at the right conclusions.

And yet, in so many fields of endeavour, Islamic countries do lag behind. Not such STEM topics but human rights, political institutions, equality, justice. This is not to say individual people brought up under Islam are somehow more stupid or less capable, just that something about the belief system – especially when adopted politically – seems to hold back, rather than push forward, human endeavour.

The assertions of this kind of article, about the supposed perfection and infallibility of Islam are simply countered by scanning the daily news headlines. That anyone feels able to assert this sort of thing in that context beggars belief and demonstrates just how far removed from reality people can be.

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