How do you Solve a Problem like Aisha?

child-bride_wxojk_50You don’t. You hedge, avoid and distract.

Just been around and around this particular roundabout with a couple of Muslims, yet again. The basic problem is this.

Most people would agree that having sex with children is wrong. My basis for saying so is that engaging in intercourse with pre-sexual humans is dangerous to their health and they are not mentally competent to give informed consent.

Ask a Muslim if having sex with children in wrong and they start to get a little… evasive.

Why should this present a problem? Surely of all morals found around the modern world one of the few things we can agree on is that raping children is bad. Even the Catholic Church, with a bit of a reputation for the problem, will publicly fess up to it being a bad thing.

Well, the problem for Muslims lies in the fact that Muhammed had, and fucked, a nine-year-old bride, Aisha.

Quite rightly, this idea repulses people but because Muhammed is revered and considered perfect and because the Koran is considered a perfect guide to morality this presents something of a problem. Either…

  • A: The Koran is wrong, Muhammed isn’t perfect and fucking children is a repugnant and predatory practice worthy of contempt.
  • B: Fucking children is A-OK with god.

The thing is, this shit still goes on in places like Yemen and they draw licence for the practice from the Koran.

So, what happens when Muslims are confronted with this? They panic.

Some say that this is a misrepresentation, but its in the Koran and Hadith and was considered praiseworthy and right for centuries as a sign of Aisha’s purity and appropriateness as a prize for Muhammed. Some will say its a product of the culture of the time – which is to admit that morality is not absolute and divine but rather subjective and temporal. Some of the more honest will say that they believe there’s nothing wrong with it.

Bringing this up can seem like a ‘cheap shot’ simply because the issue of paedophilia is such a hot-button issue, but it really is a big problem that Islam seems to have and one they don’t appear to have a good answer for.


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