The Iron ‘Lady’

MargaretThatcher[1]Apparently it was on last night. I didn’t watch it, I lived through her tyrannical slash-and-burn of British society and that was enough. Living through a second band of it is no barrel of laughs either. My comments to this effect on Twitter appeared to attract some BNP-Lite reactions but I do have to wonder, a great deal, about anyone who remembers the Thatcher regime fondly.

The best, most succinct, yet complete description of Thatcher I have ever seen appears in Warren Ellis’ ‘Planetary’:

“Jack always said it was difficult for us Americans to understand what it was really like here in the darkest parts of the eighties. We had a doddery old president who talked about the end of the world a little too often and was being run by the wrong people. But they had a Prime Minister who was genuinely mad. You know there were even feminists and women’s studies theorists who denied she was even really a woman any more, she was so far out of her tree? She wanted concentration camps for AIDS victims, wanted to eradicate homosexuality even as an abstract concept, made poor people choose between eating and keeping their vote, ran the most shameless vote-grabbing artificial war scam in fifty years. England was a scary place, no wonder it produced a scary culture.”


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