Why do I celebrate Christmas?

chsexy82I don’t.

I celebrate my friends and family.

I celebrate the altruistic joy to be found in lighting up someone’s face with the perfect gift.

I celebrate good food with good people.

I celebrate the fact that the days are going to get brighter again and that humanity has chosen in so many forms, so many ways, to celebrate the simple, cosmological event of the solstice.

It’s just convenient to celebrate it at the same time as everyone else in a tradition that has become broadly secular but has roots in pagan antiquity, Christian appropriation and astronomy.

‘Christmas’ doesn’t belong to you. There are no special rules about who can and cannot share presents or a feast, or take a moment to show their gratitude to the people in their life that they care about.


One response to “Why do I celebrate Christmas?

  1. You don’t’ have to be Heathen to have a Thursday and you don’t have to be christian to have a christmas 🙂 Hope you have an excellent few days.

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