Formulating *ism

Our point of conflict may be that I don’t accept the addition of ‘power’ to the equation of working out if something is *ist or if someone is prejudiced. For me discrimination is discrimination regardless. I regard the addition of ‘power’ as transparently obvious special pleading.

That is many formulate *ism as:
*ism = power + prejudice based on X (gender, race etc).

This is patently stupid on its face. If one looks at, for example, the prejudices of the poor in terms of race it is their own lack of power that leads to their prejudice. Unemployment, poverty and low prospects turning them against – commonly – immigrants.

So I formulate it as:

*ism = prejudice based on X (gender, race etc).

Much clearer, no special pleading and consistent.


2 responses to “Formulating *ism

  1. Privilege blindness and “X”ism are related: They may (and I would say do) feed in to each other (and feed off each other obviously), but you are absolutely correct that they are not the same thing.

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