#MuslimRage – Hulk Smash

So, the aftermath of this nonsensical ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ film is rumbling on and it seems to be an all-star parade of bastards and shitty goings on. Today we get confirmation via one of the actresses involved (via Neil Gaiman) that the whole thing is a dubbed over (apparently intentionally) no-budget film that was originally a different – though with 20/20 hindsight obvious – story.

It’s been turned into an anti-muslim film, but frankly however shifty, repugnant and dodgy the whole thing is and however much the guy behind it deserves vilification it’s hard to find fault with the principle points (that Muhammed was a violent, womanising paedophile) however crudely and insensitively that was pushed home.

Also, frankly, it doesn’t make any difference to what’s going on that the guy behind it is a scabrous shit-tick and it shouldn’t be remotely controversial that images of stuff that is actually happening should end up on the cover of a NEWS magazine.

This was a shitty, no budget film, privately produced, that NOBODY SAW and NOBODY CARED THE LEAST BIT ABOUT until it blew up precisely because of the fuss over it. Apparently the concept of ‘don’t feed the trolls’ hasn’t made it to the mullahs yet. You’d think that small piece of wisdom might be in a holy book wouldn’t you? Some version of turn the other cheek?

Whatever damage has been done, or has been thought to be done, by the film, fades into total obscurity next to the harm done to Islam by… ISLAM!

Riots? Deaths? Attacks on embassies? Calls for the US government to be held accountable?

Do what? Why should the US government be held accountable for something a private individual has done? I’m pretty sure the guy tailgating me on one of my recent driving lessons was Iranian. Should I demand an apology from the Iranian government because of that? Clearly not, don’t be ridiculous.

More than the sadly predictable violence and flag burning, what disappoints me is the lack of courage and devotion to what should be as important to us as defending the honour of a long dead bandit and child molester is to Muslims. Free expression.

The very same people who tell me how significant relatively small anti-cap demonstrations, slutwalks, anti-war demonstrations, occupy and so on are are trying to tell me that the tens upon tens of thousands of people raging across the Muslim world are a tiny minority that doesn’t matter and is non-representative.

Their own protests, it is argued, are representative of a greater number who can’t or won’t come out onto the street to express their displeasure. I buy that, I even think it’s true. More than just buying it, I buy into it. You cannot, then, ask me to ignore these kind of massive outpourings of primitive  and superstitious rage and pretend that its ‘not representative’ or you’re undermining yourself.

Salman Rushdie was on the BBC today talking about his experiences and when asked what the solution was, his answer was:

“Be brave.”

I agree.

He was also asked if he took any responsibility, any blame, for provoking the reaction he did. And quite rightly he said no.

Now, Rushdie wasn’t trying to provoke a reaction, unlike the epic tool behind ‘Innocence of Muslims’ but the only person really responsible for your reaction, is you. They’re just words, ideas. This kind of violence, this primitive, superstitious hatred that went out in the civilised world by the 18th century just confirms the very worst impression that people have.

This IS Islam


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