Just a Reminder

As atheists the one and only thing that unifies us is this statement or some variety thereof:

“I don’t believe in god/s.”

That’s it.

Nothing more than that. We may have tendencies to being socially progressive, sceptical, left of centre and so on as an overall demographic but really, this is the one and only thing that binds us all together.

Expecting every atheist to agree to a particular set of political or social beliefs – especially if they’re towards some particularly extreme end of Berkeleyesque newspeak – is a recipe for disappointment. It’s also an act of stupidity to act surprised, horrified and offended when a group known for being sceptical questions your ideological blinkers.

Atheism is a broad church (ha ha) and trying to impose a particular point of view over an atheist community, symposium, conference or whatever else is not only doomed to create the problems it’s supposed to address but will fracture the community (such as it is) and concentrate it on internal disagreement.

It’s a waste of effort and it’s pathetically naive. It also plays against our strength:



2 responses to “Just a Reminder

  1. I saw an argument on facebook just yesterday about whether or not atheism is a belief. Many of them missed the point entirely, which was that the percentage of atheists versus the top religions is way up.

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