A Marked Lack of Self Awareness

“It does remain a puzzle why it has been so hard for Americans loudly to defend sexual rights even if they definitely enjoy having them,” says [Dagmar] Herzog. “This creates an echo chamber in which the bullies get to set the terms of debate.” (Talking about gay marriage, but it’s more broadly applicable).

So, this happened.

Then this happened.

One set of shrill and offensive trolls spammed, blogged, defaced, made wild accusations and horribly stereotyped the producers of a game. The same thing also happened later on to  this Tropes Versus Women project.

The difference? Well, the people who trolled Tentacle Bento off Kickstarter could spell and weren’t necessarily being deliberately offensive, though they certainly were doing so by talking about nonsense like ‘rape culture’ and calling people ‘creepy’ or ‘rape apologists’. Other than that the only real difference is that Tentacle Bento got knocked off Kickstarter and Tropes Versus Women certainly isn’t likely to, despite casting its own aspersions about game designers, writers and consumers which are insulting in their own way.

Little wonder, in this hot-button debate, that people who see (articulate) trolling succeeding in removing ‘offensive’ content, try it themselves. Not to mention that things like Tropes Versus Women are irresistible to trolls and almost guaranteed to get a reaction from the people there.

As to the projects themselves, ultimately both have benefited massively from the controversy which means neither set of trolls has actually done what they wanted to. They’ve just made things more inconvenient for people who like either project.

Let’s be clear here, both attempts to censor are equally offensive (and have proven equally pointless). One wraps itself up in pseudo-academia and unproven assertions about offence and one looks like straightforward trolling, but it’s not so simple in either case.

You’re all wrong.

Just let people get on and make things.

And for the love of Mike would someone religious do something as nonsensical as this so I can blog about that instead (Church of England doesn’t count, they’re pretty irrelevant).

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