Apt Description of god Ends Discussions

At some point in a discussion someone will play what they think is an ace card from up their sleeve which they think displays your inherent bias and that you just refuse to believe in god because you are of ‘rebellious spirit’ or some such bollocks. The thing is, rebels do have to admit that they’re rebelling against something whereas, being an atheist, I don’t even believe in the thing they’re talking about.

Regardless, they’ll ask ‘Would you believe in god if he was proven to you?’ to which the answer from just about any atheist is ‘yes’ but is then followed up with ‘would you serve him?’ to which the answer, at least for me is ‘no, and nor should you’.

The god of the Bible, the Koran and Torah is, for wont of a more apt an succinct description, ‘An ‘orrible cunt’. A murderous, savage, pull-the-wings-off-insects, cosmic-scale dickhead. It would behove any moral being to oppose such a creature. However, describe this – still hypothetical – god in those terms and, strangely, people bring an end to the discussion.

Soooo touchy.


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