Bad Reasons to be an Atheist

I’ve covered bad reasons to believe in god a few times – though that’s a series that could go on forever. It seems only fair to cover a few reasons to be an atheist that don’t hold up. Most of the time if you’re going beyond the sheer lack of evidence, you’re at risk of ‘doing it wrong’.

1. Bad shit happens.

Against a specific god this may well be an excellent reason. If someone is claiming that their god is good and just and so forth then the sheer amount of nasty crap that goes on the world is an excellent way to refute that sort of claim. Otherwise, it’s being a little naive. After all, if there were a god there’s no reason to suppose it might not be an obnoxious, twisted, evil fuck.

2. A Priest was mean to me.

This just means people are shits and whatever god may or may not exist doesn’t necessarily have control over its followers, or does, and is an ‘orrible cunt.

3. It’s cool.

It is? I guess in certain quarters it is. Here in Europe it’s pretty unremarkable to be an atheist but peer pressure or advocacy is a shitty reason to be a non-believer, or a believer come to that. Just follow the evidence – or the lack thereof – and you’ll be fine.