(Not) A Christian Nation

We’re all used to that rhetoric being bandied about by the Christian right of the USA but we’re far less used to hearing it said here in the UK. In the US, which is legally a secular nation but which does have a dominant and vocal Christian culture they have a point IF, by nation, you mean the corpus of its people and not the actual political entity.

Here in the UK things are, somewhat amusingly, reversed. Officially the UK is a Christian nation, our head of state (The Queen) is also he head of the Church, at least on paper, in actuality both Church and Monarchy aren’t particularly relevant. We’re blessed (hah) that religion plays little to no role in our politics day to day, though occasionally it tries to sneak in.

Usually that’s on the part of the Conservatives, though Blair’s Catholicism was an open secret. We’ve seen it recently in attempts to change abortion processes. Now we see it in David Cameron talking about Britain’s ‘Christian values’, seemingly without any sense of irony whatsoever.

Yes, Britain has, in the past, operated under Christian values and what have we had because of it? Sectarian terrorism and war, the dark ages, child abuse, subverted schools, slavery, dominionism, imperialism, divine right of kings, witch-hunting, anti-semitism and so on and so forth. Christian values, religious values, have not helped this country they have made things worse and continue to do so with every concession we give to cults, sects and religions in public.

The advances we have made have been the result of humanist, enlightenment values. Not religion. Religion has had to revise its values to match those of a more progressive populace, not the other way around. It’s high time we acknowledged this and began to step past religion. Cameron wants us to go backwards, to a worse time, probably trying to excuse his failed ‘Big society’ idea and to pre-emptively defend the crop of awful faith schools that will soon be appearing.

Less than half of the UK population is actively religious, most are probably ‘cultural Christians’ as that’s how they identify themselves but few read the Bible or go to church save, perhaps, for Christmas services, marriages, funerals and Christenings.

Ridiculous, uninformed flailing from a man who doesn’t display even his own twisted perception of ‘Christian values’. Just another bankster.


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