Off Without a Hitch

Christopher Hitchens finally succumbed to his cancer and it’s a great pity that we were robbed of another 20+ years of his acerbic wit and devastating sarcasm. Hitchens was a great and fearless proponent of atheism and anyone who finds Dawkins abraisive, one usually discovers, doesn’t know of Hitchens.

Hawkish and somewhat right wing for my taste I always felt that, at least, Hitchens had a sound basis for his positions. Even though we disagreed often it was more about the ‘how’ than the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Hitchens maintained a very low tolerance for bullshit throughout his life, something we can all learn from. Tolerance is not a virtue if it simply allows crazy nonsense to spread unchallenged and unimpeded. We should not be afraid to offend in the process of pointing out the Emperor’s nakedness.

I hope I face my own, inevitable, end with as much courage and frankness as Hitchens maintained in pumping out his articles and polemics right up until the end. If nothing else, he has served the cause proud simply by putting to bed the idea that anyone, everyone, undergoes a deathbed conversion.

I don’t drink much, but I’m going to raise a glass to Hitch’s memory and do my best to be as bullshit-intolerant as he was.


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