Arrogant? Moi?

A common enough insult or accusation leveled at atheists is that we are somehow arrogant.

Now, all that unifies atheists is that we don’t believe in god. Why? Because there’s no evidence for a god and no reason to believe in one. This is a humble position, one of ‘I don’t know’ rather than arrogant certainty without anything to back it up. This doesn’t strike me as arrogant especially, but it goes further than that I think.

I’m not just an atheist, I’m a rationalist, a skeptic, an amateur logician and the things I do believe stem from logic, reason and evidence.

Science in other words.

I believe in the evidenced naturalistic universe that we can show to exist. I believe that I am only one of six billion plus people, clinging to a thin smear of organic matter and atmosphere around a tiny pebble of a planet spinning around an insignificant star in an unremarkable galaxy in a huge and aged universe.

I am cosmically insignificant (I don’t find this depressing or purposeless but that’s a discussion for another time).

Compare that, humble, belief with the idea that this entire universe was made for our benefit by an all powerful deity who made us as his special creation and who takes a special and particular interest in our day to day lives as part of some cosmic melodrama between good and evil.

Now, if I believed that, that WOULD be arrogant.


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