Looking ‘in’ Science?

@3rdWaveLands on Twitter Said: @GRIMACHU because you are looking for #science. Wrong area to look for evidence of the supernatural. #atheist #Christian

I’d consider this one of the big misconceptions about Science. While one can speak of ‘Scientific Knowledge’ as a body of work, science itself is a process, not that body of knowledge. Science is an attempt for an objective understanding of what is real and true.

Supernatural or not – if such a thing even existed – we would use the scientific method or something very, very much like it to confirm if something were true, just as we do in our day to day lives without even realising it as well as in court.

Put extremely simplistically a stripped down and dumbed down version of the scientific method might be described as:

  1. See something.
  2. Think of what it might be.
  3. Predict what might happen if that is it.
  4. Test it.

For example…

  1. Billy Bob has been arrested, ostensibly for beating his wife.
  2. Maybe Billy Bob did beat his wife.
  3. If he did beat his wife, that blood on his fists should be hers.
  4. Compare the genes in the blood on his hands with the genes in a sample of her blood. If it matches, he’s gotten her blood on him which suggests that yeah, he was beating the crap out of her.
This is essentially just a formalisation of how we make the overwhelming majority of decisions every single day. It’s not infallible but it’s the best process we have both in our everyday lives and in confirming what is actually true when it comes to the world around us and the events and processes in it.
Like, ‘My chocolate is gone’. ‘Maybe Junior ate the chocolate.’ ‘If Junior did eat the chocolate, I should be able tell.’ ‘Junior has melted chocolate all over his face and is being sick.’ ‘Junior almost certainly ate the chocolate.’
For some reason when it comes to supernatural claims, such as god, this suddenly isn’t good enough for people. They want something special or different to be true about it and so reject how we gain and confirm pretty much all knowledge we ever gather.
What the merry fuck is wrong with these people?
Short version of this entire post. Science is a process for confirming what’s true, not a body of mythic knowledge.

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